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Monthly Archives: January 2008


Today this album made me feel OK with what was otherwise a pretty shit day. My brother introduced me to The Crossing sometime ago and I think my fondness for him is part of why I like it so much.   Most of my music taste was cultivated by my bro as he rescued me from an obsession with early 90’s pop radio crap.   Although I’m not sure how a guy who was obsessed with some very questionable hair metal groups (see Ratt and Great White to name a few) really had any room to talk.

This is the best Christian Celtic album (lol) I have ever heard and i hope you like it.

The Crossing – Planting a Garden

The Crossing – Sound of Sleat

The Crossing – Jiggle the Handle

The Crossing – Dominic MaGowan

and because they’re awesome and indie, buy the CD!


I have been listening to  antipop radio for over 5 years now and I am sad that the stream appears dead (at least it hasn’t worked for me in a few months).  I searched for a new radio station to quench my music thirst and stumbled upon All Indie Radio.  The quality is good and so far I like their taste.   Phoenix is the only group on their playlist I’ve heard of.  Other than that, it’s all new to me (a good thing).