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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Love the Double RainbowBy popular request, here is a mash-up post for Megan. For those of you that haven’t figured it out, mash-ups are made by stripping parts (music or a cappella in part or whole) of two or more songs and putting them together to make a new song. For example, Norwegian Recycling‘s “Just Like a Ghost” mashes Billie the Vision & The Dancer’s “Ghost” and a cover of the Cure’s Just Like Heaven by Katie Melua. The masher pulls the music from both, speeds up “Just like a Ghost” and interweaves the two singers to make it a duet of sorts. Occasionally artists also add in original beats, but for the most part what differentiates mash-ups from traditional re-mixes or sampling is that they are composed entirely of parts of several songs to make a new song. My 11 favorite mash-ups and remixes are linked below. Most of these were pulled from these three sites and I highly recommend all three:


Palmsout – Remix Sunday

Norwegian Recycling

and here are some of my favorites…

PartyBen – Every Car You Chase (The Police – Every Breath You Take, Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars)

DJ-Dainjah-Remix –Dangerous.mp3 (Busta Rhymes – Dangerous(clean))

METAMIX-Lullaby for Gorillaz (Gorillaz – Tomorrow Comes Today, The Cure – Lullabye)

Norwegian Recycling – Sorry For I Mashed You.mp3 (Akon – Sorry, Blame It On Me, Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, Mika – Happy Ending, Lighthouse Family – High)

Norwegian Recycling – All Bad Touches (Come To An End) (Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come To An End), Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch, Alex Parks – Mad World)

Norwegian Recycling – Just Like A Ghost (Billie The Vision And The Dancers – Ghost and Katie Melua – Just Like Heaven)

Soulja boy vs. Petey Pablo – crank day boy out of jail shorty tripp remix (Soulja Boy Tell`em – Crank That, Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), Petey Pablo -??)

Wicked Games (Chew Fu Refix ft. Lee Majors) (Chris Isaak – Wicked Games)

Panther DLX – The Fall (Dyce Remix) (Panther DLX)

DJ Morgoth – Starz On The Boogie [Just Jack vs. Jay-Kid] (Just Jack – Starz On Their Eyes, Jay-Kid – Blame On The Boogie (Acapella) (Jackson 5 Cover))

DJ Le Clown-In Da Black (AC_DC – Back in Black, 50 Cent – In Da Club, Scissor Sisters – Laura)

Dj Reset – Magic Grindin (Sean Paul and Clipse – Grindin’, Pilot – Magic)

Go Home Productions – Passenger Fever (Peggy Lee – Fever, Iggy Pop – The Passenger)

Kanye West/Daft Punk – Stronger (Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger check out this vid regardless of the song) (yeah…Kanye produced this and maybe it doesn’t qualify. I like it anyways.)


It's a cow playing cowbell.  Get it?

I discovered Mika in the fall, but never really gave the album the attention it deserved. They have a polished electro feel with a singer that hits high notes like the Scissor Sisters or The Darkness. Life in Cartoon Motion, their debut album, is solid from cover to cover and I highly recommend checking it out. It is very danceable indie pop and reminds me of club music in London. I wish we had clubs like that around here. I miss dancing.

I threw in a few more from other indie/rock men that can hit a high note.

Mika – Life in Cartoon Motion – Relax, Take It Easy

Scissor Sisters – Ta Dah – Ooh

Temple Of The Dog – Say Hello To Heaven

The Darkness – Permission To Land – I Believe In A Thing Called Love

AHA – Take on Me

Queen – Greatest Hits – Under Pressure (Freddie could hit a high note, but…)

Queen – A Night At The Opera – Bohemian Rhapsody (…~4:00 in the track for Roger Taylor’s high-note. He was the drummer btw.)

I don’t even like any of these songs:

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
Howie Day – Collide
Five For Fighting – Superman
Angela Ammons – Always Getting Over You
Boyzone – All That I Need

yet when they are all in one form, I love it. Mash-ups are fun, but I need to post some Pantera now to make up for Boyzone. Check out Norwegian Recycling’s website for more downloads.

Norwegian Recycling – How Six Songs Collide

Comic of sewer disease striking a member of OhmOhm is a band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their story is they have been secretly stashing music in random spots all over the Stockholm underground for the past few years rather than releasing it (oooo, mysterious!).

After losing two bassists and a drummer to sewer disease (see illustration of real events), they decided to actually release an album.

Ohm — Spoon Me

OHM – Follow My Fate

Buy their stuff and check out their website

So this has been around forever, but I love it…Muppetroll:

The Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve has been my favorite song since the first time I heard it freshman year of high school. The string arrangement in the intro (yeah, the one ripped off of the Rolling Stones) has always been my favorite part. It always makes me think of times before I realized I was growing up.

Growing up comic

At some point in the last few years I made a mix of it:

The Bittersweet Symphony Mix (zipped into one big file)

The Verve – bitter sweet symphony
Pearl Jam – Wishlist
Belle & Sebastian – If She Wants Me
The Beatles – Act Naturally
The Rolling Stones – If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2)
Belle & Sebastian – Legal Man
Smashing Pumpkins Acoustic – Dancing in the moonlight
Semisonic – Secret Smile
Cake – Love You Madly
The Stills – Still In Love Song
311 – Love Song
Faith No More – Easy
Aberfeldy – love is an arrow
Morrissey – I Like You
The Kings of Convenience – I’d Rather Dance With You
Joy Division – Love will tear us apart
The Postal Service – Nothing Better (LP Version)
Aretha Franklin – Tracks Of My Tears
Stereophonics – Is Yesterday, Tommorow, Today
Chris Cornell – Preaching The End Of The World

BelleThe string intro to Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It is pretty and Murdoch’s vocals are as soothing as ever. Hooray for indie pop.

Belle & Sebastian – Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It

Buy the album