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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Have you ever had one of those “Oh, Shit!” moments where you know you screwed up and you scramble madly for a gift from God to save you? Well…my external with my music collection crashed a few days ago and I have been scrambling to find some way to recover everything. Stupidly, over time I began using the external which I bought as a back-up drive as my main drive and now I risk losing all of the pictures, music and videos I have picked up over the last year or so. I think I found a solution (albiet not the cheapest, it cost me $79) in a program called “Getdataback” from So far it is doing a wonderful job of recovering everything and unless something catastrophic happens it looks like I 99% of what I lost will be recovered. Anyways, this is my plug for an awesome program for people who are either dumb and delete stuff they want to keep or don’t back up their data and pay the price (me).


fruit and a band all in one

Finally, a great group you have never heard of!

I bet they are bunches of fun live.

Canasta – Slow Down Chicago

They’re local and probably poor. Buy their stuff.

For the past five years since I started listening antipop radio is the shit. It is completely free. I declared it dead earlier, but that must have been a temporary thing or the result of my shit internet connection. Check it out:

Clicky Below

Antipop Radio

On May 25th at the Vogue terrifying funk from beyond the grave will rock your town with a funk so strong, it’s gonna make all the cats explode.

hctm-stacked-smallweb.gifWhat is it about funk that makes band act funny? I’m picturing the extravagant outfits of Parliament and the over the top stage performance by James Brown. These guys come out in full mummy garb while the crowd moans in unison before they break into Attack of the Wiener Man or Believe (in things you cannot see). Of course, the about page on their website has nothing about the actual band, but rather tells the tale of a powerful curse that doomed them to wander the earth throughout eternity, seeking the ultimate riff, the one that would allow these souls to finally rest after 5000 years of banging out solid fly grooves. Of course they earned their curse by creating grooves in an effort to compromise the moral integrity of the Pharoah’s five daughters.

Check out their touring schedule.

Here Come The Mummies – Attack of the Weiner Man

Here Come The Mummies – Believe (in Things You Cannot See)

Here Come The Mummies – Tip Toe

Here Come The Mummies – Dirty Minds

I love making mixes. Occasionally I post them on The Art of the Mix. Whether you enjoy mixing or stick to straight albums, this is a great place to find good music (just do a search for songs you enjoy and you will likely find mixes by people with good taste). Many of the mixes also have an option to download the mix for free.

and just for the lolz (nsfw):

Completely unrelated:

Go Go Spider BearSpiderbait are Aussie and that makes them cool. Drop by Cornelius makes me have to pee. Check it out.

Spiderbait – Black Betty (buy stuff)

Cornelius – Drop (buy stuff)

I should have posted this right after April first, but meh:

Fun music video of the Sleeping In by the Postal Service who were named after the way the two band members created music: by mailing samples and voice tracks back and forth. The fan vid:

Garfield without Garfield

your life is your life

don’t let it be clubbed into dank


be on the watch.

there are ways out.

there is light somewhere.

it may not be much light but

it beats the


More free streaming music, Yea! Wolfgang’s vault has loads of live concert recordings from a big catalog of artists. Check it out:

Wolfgang\'s Vault

Thanks to Gary for pointing this one out.