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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Jean Fan, roseonthegrey, and

credit to: Jean Fan, roseonthegrey, and

The only reason I posted again today is because I absolutely love this picture.  I decided a few samples from the wonderful Virgin Suicides soundtrack would be an appropriate accompaniment.

Air – Playground Lover

Air – Highschool Lover


Click for original

The Antlers is a guy that makes music with a website.  
He gave his music away for free and people listened to it. 
 Some people really liked it and gave it to others.  
Those people liked it and continued to pass it on.   
All of a sudden, with no record company, 
no big advertising scheme or budget, Peter Silberman, was noticed.  
The website is still there and much of the music is still free.  
The best part of it all is that he keeps getting better and better.    
In the past, Peter Silberman played all of the instruments himself.  
The new album, Hospice, is the first where The Antler's is a proper band.
A tour is ongoing at the moment as well.  
Mr. Silberman, I wish you the best of luck in your first tour.  
Hopefully I can make it to the show next week in Bloomington.
10/1/08: Talking Head BALTIMORE, MD
10/3/08: Garfield Artworks PITTSBURGH, PA
10/4/08: Tower 2012 CLEVELAND, OH w/ Dreadful Yawns, Good Touch Bad Touch
10/5/08: Cafe Bourbon St COLUMBUS, OH w/ Matt Bauer, Time & Temperature
10/6/08: The Cinemat BLOOMINGTON, IN
10/8/08: Blue Rock Tavern CINCINNATI, OH
10/10/08: Village Tavern CHARLESTON, SC
10/11/08: Nightlight CHAPEL HILL, NC
10/13/08: Velvet Lounge WASHINGTON DC
10/14/08: Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA
10/15/08: Clementine HARRISONBURG, VA w/ Pattern Is Movement
10/16/08: The Fire PHILADELPHIA, PA
10/18/08: Slainte PORTLAND, ME
10/21/08: Cake Shop (Pop Tarts CMJ) NYC
I'm only going to host one song (perhaps I can save him some bandwith).  

You can go to his website to download the rest.

The Antlers – Two

A few more of my favorite mash-ups:

Sigur Ros – Untitled Shook Ones Emanicpator Mash Up

Adam Tensta – My Cool (Al Azif Remix ft. Dr. Alban)

Very cool.

Pic from lowvolume @ deviantart; clicky for link to original

Pic from lowvolume @ deviantart; clicky for link to original

I remember a man who was true to himself, if he put his mind to something it was done, he could help everyone just by doing what he loved, he could work with his hands so good, but when no one cares to know, that he works them to the bone.

He comes home to himself and he sits in his chair, gets lost inside pictures on the wall, he’s had some loves in his life that he’s lost but knows why, he’s lived with mistakes for so long…he’s the best man that i know, he sleeps happy all alone, he gives me

Hope for the best in everyone, in understanding what we’ve done, i laugh to myself, it gives me Hope for the best for what we lost, to understand when no one wants, it makes me laugh, it gives me hope.

I know this lady who grew up so quickly, she had a child when she was so young, without the time or money to pursue what she wanted, she slowly lost touch with her love, i bet she tried to run, but she didn’t have the guts to leave her, son who was born on a day in the spring, grew up to respect her so much, for all that she had lost and for never giving up, for loving the mistake that she loved…well lady you deserve more than anyone i know, you give me

Hope for the best in everyone, in understanding what we’ve done, i laugh to myself, it gives me Hope for the best for what we lost, to understand when no one wants, it makes me laugh, it gives me hope.

I’m sitting alone and i think to myself, it’d be great if people could know, if we wore big tags or we threw big parties where only lost people could go, so we’d never think we’re wrong, and we’d never feel alone…alone.

The song:

But When The Little Fellow Came Close And Put Both Arms Around His Mother, And Kissed Her in an Appealing Boyish Fashion, She Was Moved to Tenderness by I can make a mess like nobody’s business

and my second favorite:  End of the Background Noise by I can make a mess like nobody’s business

Awesome name.  Great tunes.  Buy here.

Pic from jigai1 @ deviantart; clicky for link to original

Pic from jigai1 @ deviantart; clicky for link to original

I love the album Cross by Justice.  I listened to it all the way through for the first time a few weeks ago and since then all my playlists have included a Justice song (or at least a mashed version).  By now you probably heard of the big hubbub about the video for the song Stress by Justice.  The French group were criticized by some for the controversial video that depicts a group of young French men bringing chaos and mayhem through a city.  Here’s what pitchfork had to say:

“The video for Justice’s “Stress” takes the track’s title and relentless synth riffs as inspiration and cranks the anxiety level to eleven. We follow a gang of leather-clad hooligans with the Justice cross logos sewn onto their backs as they travel through a city inflicting mayhem for no good reason at all. At points it’s hard to watch as they break bottles on people’s faces, shove defenseless strangers into corners, and generally go from one random act of senseless violence to the next. It all looks very real, and the location sound through the track only adds to the effect. We’re talking about a carjacking (in which they kick in a radio as “D.A.N.C.E.” comes on), molotov cocktails– it’s like Grand Theft Auto come to life. Completely insane. The director is Romain-Gavras, though several shots and the overall feel could be an homage to Chris Cunningham. And the capper is who I am crediting for the link: Mr. Kanye West. The clip appeared today on his blog.”   Link to the video and preceding description on Pitchfork.

Their debut effort, Cross, is an example of the kind of hook-laden danceable elecro-pop that consumes my current music addiction.    Stress and my other favorite cuts:

Justice – Stress

Justice – Phantom pt. II

Buy Cross.

Plus a newer track and a few mash-ups:

Justice – Planisphere (Part 2)

DJ Paul – Just d.a.n.c.e. mash-up by dj paul  (Lady GaGa Vs. Justice Vs. David Bowie)

Fortisphere (Immuzikation Blend) (Justice vs Daft Punk vs Kanye West vs A-Trak vs Diplo)

No More Conversations To Feel Good –  Freeform Five _Mylo Remix_ vs_ Gorillaz -.mp3

I really enjoy the way this track builds.  The artist mixes Feel Good, Inc. by the Gorillaz, and the remix of No More Conversation by Freedom Five and Mylo. The synth beat gets a little annoying at the end though.  It’s almost like the bass is a bit too heavy and it’s bad for my ears or something.  I always have to turn it down in the last minute or so.

Hey Shawty _Chew Fu.mp3

Heh, this is a remix where I wouldn’t listen to any of the songs on their own, but the beat on this is so infectious I love it.  It works perfect.  The mixer Chew Fu is one of the palmsout regulars and consistently cranks out some of the best mash-ups around.

Ride Me High _Joakim.mp3

This is a J.J. Cale mash-up which is just awesome.  Cale’s voice is as smooth as ever and it’s perfect over the mellow beat.   Another Chew Fu remix.

Sunshowers (A+B Mash-up by Luminfire) – M.I.A v. Mylo.mp3

I think this one is all about my love for M.I.A. and Mylo.  The remix works and is well done, but really I just like hearing both of them in the same song.  That’s one of the neat thing about mash-ups: you can have whatever two or more artists you want play together.  Love Gorillaz and The Cure?  Mix Tomorrow Comes Today and Lullabye.  Sometimes artists actually do their own mash-ups (Placebo’s version of the Kate Bush song Running up that Hill, for example), but most of the time it never happens and we are left to do our own mashing (or at least hope someone else does).