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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Courtesy Mayte @ Deviantart

Courtesy Mayte @ Deviantart

The Bollock Brothers – Drac’s Back.mp3

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Nightmare on My Street.mp3

Halloween officially wins the award for the best holiday ever.  I am getting to that age where I could really use a little person to take around trick or treating, but I until then I will just have to deal with the odd looks.

PS. I still love ratatat.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

Move along. Nothing else to see here.


is the bestest music blog in the blogoverse:  check it out

I happen to be in Denver this week and am looking for good shows to check out.  I usually do a run through of the upcoming shows on pollstar and then check a band’s myspace page or allmusic entry to get a feel for a band before going to their show.  I think I might check out Evangelicals with Parenthetical Girls and the Messengers at Hi-Dive tomorrow night.

In other news, my new music binge continues! I have more time on my hands this week and I plan on using it to check out some new music.  Of course, when I say new music, I mean music that is new to me.  I “enjoyed” a seven hour series of flights this past weekend.  I was very grateful to have these tunes to help me through it.

Of Montreal – Jimmy

The Weepies – All This Beauty

Esser – I Love You

Firewater – Hey Clown

The Bird And The Bee – Last Day Of Our Love

Team Waterpolo – Problematic Girls

strawberrykangaroo on Deviantart

Credit: strawberrykangaroo on Deviantart

I just discovered Ratatat a week or so ago.  The music is electro-instrumental with a soundbite or two thrown in for good measure.  I picked up Classics and their Self-Titled album the other day and I was impressed with both albums.  I don’t hear many instrumental groups that I really enjoy; but,  Ratatat and Russian Circles are my two exceptions.

Ratatat – Seventeen Years

Ratatat – Lapland

Bonus Video: Sigur Ros Live at New York’s Museum of Modern Art