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Monthly Archives: December 2008

tufmediabwTrampled Underfoot (TUF) played in Indiana a few times over the past year thanks to an unfortunate set of circumstances.   This past summer at a little known blues festival weekend (promoters purposefully don’t advertise to keep it small) in the tiny town of Bean Blossom, Indiana, TUF came all the way out from Kansas City to fill a last-minute vacancy.  The lead singer of one of the headlining bands passed away a few days before and the promoters were fortunate to find such a great band to fill-in.  I doubt anybody at the festival had ever heard of them, but they stole the show.  After their smashing performance in Bean Blossom, the promoter of the festival recruited the group to play at his bar a few weekends ago.  I was fortunate to see both performances.

51bjzcnfgvl_ss500_TUF is a family power-trio made up of two brothers, Nick, Kris (guitar/vocals and drums) and their sister, Danielle Schnebelen(bass/vocals).   Oddly enough, both guitarists are lefties, but what stood out to me was their age.   The vast majority of blues bands I see are older and in their mid to late 50’s at least.  It’s really great to see younger folks with such a firm grasp on the genre.  Nonetheless, it’s unfortunate that, at both shows, 90% of the audience was 50+.  Regardless of their age, they peform like old blues veterans.   They have just the right combination of talent and soul.  Nick rightfully won an award as the Most Promising Young Guitarist at the International Blues Challenge.  Their instrumentals and solos are just long enough to flex their muscles without dominating their songs or overshadowing their vocals.   That’s a good thing because Danielle honestly reminds me of Janis Joplin and Nick has a great blues voice (listen to Jonny Cheat below for a fine example).

It was announced they will be headlining the Bean Blossom Blues Festival next year, but they mostly stick to the Kansas/Missouri area.  Hopefully that will change soon.  I can’t believe they haven’t been picked up by a major label yet.

Trampled Underfoot – Jonny Cheat (nice solo  @ ~4:50)

Trampled Underfoot – Fog (Danielle Nicole has a killer blues voice)

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