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Monthly Archives: March 2009

onionI just happened across this interview with Neko Case in The Onion.  After listening to a few tunes of hers I remembered why I was once obsessed with Fox Confessor.  Check out her current tour schedule here.

Neko Case – At Last (buy the album)

Scarred Seclusion by Motts

Scarred Seclusion by Motts -

One day I woke up and screamed.  I screamed and screamed until my scream grew weak and hurty.  My face hurts and feels tight.  My head feels big and ouchy.  Screaming makes me feel something and I like it.  I’m nine.  Four years ago my parents left me here.  My parents came once the following year and I thought they were going to take me home, but they didn’t.   They never visit anymore.  I am abandoned.  When I scream the old women take me away from the other children.  They open the big white door and put me in the soft-walled dark place.  It smells like burning.  There’s no room to lie down, so I curl up on the cushiony floor and hum my lullabye.

More photographic explorations into old abandoned buildings such as the Gaebler Children’s Center can be found at this excellent website.

And a very pretty song: Regina Spektor – The Call (buy some Regina)

amazing_tattoos_14I’m searching for something

That I cannot find

I look for a way

I might find peace of mind

I run ’cause I’m lost

I’m afraid so I cry

You ask why I search

There are many reasons why

credit to Yirumah

credit to Yirmumah

Pay $2 and he’ll draw anything.   Here’s how it works:  You pay $2 via paypal and give him a one sentence description of what you want him to draw.  He draws it, sends you a copy and posts it on his blog.   I had him draw a pic for  friend a few weeks back.  It turned out great and she loved it.  He isn’t accepting new requests right now, but check his other drawings out here.  If you do submit a request, link to your drawing in the comments!

A few of my favorite songs of the moment.  Coincidentally, they are all indie with female lead vocals.

Rilo Kiley – Breakin’ Up (Buy the Album)

Simone White – American War.mp3

Mirah – The Garden

Patti Scialfa – 23rd Street Lullaby


Real change is hard and unattractive to the masses (unless it’s a campaign slogan).

Folk – One Meatball

Folk – Jim Fisk

I had a spectacular time Saturday night.  I love seeing so many friends under one roof.    It’s like an explosion of good vibes. fail-owned-kool-aid-fail A friend took the DJ duties and rocked it. I find it funny how the music I party and dance music is so incredibly different than what I normally listen to.  Perhaps it is true that music sounds better with your friends.

At one point in the kitchen, there was an explosion of yelling of odd quotes such as “we’ll do it live!!!!” and “fucking thing sucks!”  Well, here’s the video:

and the techno remix:

Bill O’Reilly – We’ll Do It Live (Discotech mix version 2)

Also let me note that the Bill O’Reilly Rick Roll is genius.  The video to the techno remix (i don’t think it’s the same remix) on youtube is pretty good as well.

Finally, in the spirit of sharing, here’s my absolute favorite drink recipe…

Gin Spirit

Ingredients 1.25 oz. Citrus Gin or plain ol’  Gin (Millers is best imo, but Tanqueray works too)

1.5 oz. pomegranate juice (I normally use Pom marg mix or Rose’s Pom mix)

1 splash orange juice (or OJ or pineapple or grapefruit)

1 splash cointreau

1 splash sour mix

1 squeeze lime

1 tsp sugar (optional; go easy on the sugar, make without sugar first and see how you like it)

Instructions: Add all ingredients over ice in shaker, shake, strain and pour into fresh ice filled rocks glass.

Tastes better if consumed while listening to:

Michael Jackson vs. Justice vs. C&C Music Factory – Justice For Billie Jean [DJ Schmolli]

Stardust v. Justice – Music Sounds Better With Your Friends

Spice Girls vs. Ying Yang Twins feat. Mike Jones – Wannabe My Badd Bitch [The Silence Xperiment]

Daft Punk vs. Lützenkirchen – Drei Tage Da Funk [DJ Morgoth]

ps. For the record, last night none of the folks I was referring to in my previous post showed.  Bummer.