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I had a spectacular time Saturday night.  I love seeing so many friends under one roof.    It’s like an explosion of good vibes. fail-owned-kool-aid-fail A friend took the DJ duties and rocked it. I find it funny how the music I party and dance music is so incredibly different than what I normally listen to.  Perhaps it is true that music sounds better with your friends.

At one point in the kitchen, there was an explosion of yelling of odd quotes such as “we’ll do it live!!!!” and “fucking thing sucks!”  Well, here’s the video:

and the techno remix:

Bill O’Reilly – We’ll Do It Live (Discotech mix version 2)

Also let me note that the Bill O’Reilly Rick Roll is genius.  The video to the techno remix (i don’t think it’s the same remix) on youtube is pretty good as well.

Finally, in the spirit of sharing, here’s my absolute favorite drink recipe…

Gin Spirit

Ingredients 1.25 oz. Citrus Gin or plain ol’  Gin (Millers is best imo, but Tanqueray works too)

1.5 oz. pomegranate juice (I normally use Pom marg mix or Rose’s Pom mix)

1 splash orange juice (or OJ or pineapple or grapefruit)

1 splash cointreau

1 splash sour mix

1 squeeze lime

1 tsp sugar (optional; go easy on the sugar, make without sugar first and see how you like it)

Instructions: Add all ingredients over ice in shaker, shake, strain and pour into fresh ice filled rocks glass.

Tastes better if consumed while listening to:

Michael Jackson vs. Justice vs. C&C Music Factory – Justice For Billie Jean [DJ Schmolli]

Stardust v. Justice – Music Sounds Better With Your Friends

Spice Girls vs. Ying Yang Twins feat. Mike Jones – Wannabe My Badd Bitch [The Silence Xperiment]

Daft Punk vs. Lützenkirchen – Drei Tage Da Funk [DJ Morgoth]

ps. For the record, last night none of the folks I was referring to in my previous post showed.  Bummer.


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