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Daily Archives: March 8th, 2009

credit to Yirumah

credit to Yirmumah

Pay $2 and he’ll draw anything.   Here’s how it works:  You pay $2 via paypal and give him a one sentence description of what you want him to draw.  He draws it, sends you a copy and posts it on his blog.   I had him draw a pic for  friend a few weeks back.  It turned out great and she loved it.  He isn’t accepting new requests right now, but check his other drawings out here.  If you do submit a request, link to your drawing in the comments!

A few of my favorite songs of the moment.  Coincidentally, they are all indie with female lead vocals.

Rilo Kiley – Breakin’ Up (Buy the Album)

Simone White – American War.mp3

Mirah – The Garden

Patti Scialfa – 23rd Street Lullaby