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Scarred Seclusion by Motts

Scarred Seclusion by Motts -

One day I woke up and screamed.  I screamed and screamed until my scream grew weak and hurty.  My face hurts and feels tight.  My head feels big and ouchy.  Screaming makes me feel something and I like it.  I’m nine.  Four years ago my parents left me here.  My parents came once the following year and I thought they were going to take me home, but they didn’t.   They never visit anymore.  I am abandoned.  When I scream the old women take me away from the other children.  They open the big white door and put me in the soft-walled dark place.  It smells like burning.  There’s no room to lie down, so I curl up on the cushiony floor and hum my lullabye.

More photographic explorations into old abandoned buildings such as the Gaebler Children’s Center can be found at this excellent website.

And a very pretty song: Regina Spektor – The Call (buy some Regina)


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