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Monthly Archives: September 2009


Despite not releasing a studio album in 39 years, the Beatles continue to re-compile, edit and otherwise re-release the same music.   The demand is certainly there as the legacy of the fab four pulls in millions of dollars upon every release THE BEATLES NEVER GET OLD!.

The latest musical concoction is the recently remastered Beatles catalog.   I liked the finished product although I initially wondered how many regular folks will pony up a few hundred bucks to compliment their catalog with the remastered version.  Apparently, quite a few.   The remastered albums and box sets make up 9 of the top 15 bestsellers on Amazon, 13 of The Beatles’ remasters made their way into the Billboard Top 20 for albums that came out over 18 months ago and more than half a million albums were sold in the U.S.A. since the release on the 9th of September.

To commemorate this all too common celebration of Beatles mania I offer my five favorite Beatles mash-ups.  Enjoy.

Nine Inch Nails vs_ The Beatles – Come Closer

Earth, Wind & Fire vs. The Beatles – Falling In September

The Beatles VS Obie Trice – oblateeth

The Beatles- Money (Mike the 2600 King’s F. U. Pay Me Remix)

Beck v. The Beatles – Twistlaws