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This is my mostly music blog. I love discovering new music and sharing it with others. I have always wanted to start my own net radio station and I will do that eventually. Until I figure out the logistics for that, I will share music, link to cool music sites and maybe hype some live shows and upcoming artists (although I hardly every make it out these days). I will share muzak as much as possible and maybe you will check it out. This is mostly a place I can send friends and people I know well who ask what I’m listening to.

If you are a band and you want me to take something down, post a comment here, after the post or shoot me an e-mail (i don’t check the e-mail attached to this account that often ever…too much spam, but eventually I will get to it) and I’ll do it asap. If you like a band featured on here, go buy something from them so that they can pay their rent.


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  1. Hi guys, my name is Joseph and I play in a Vancouver BC band called Bend Sinister. I am just spreading the word to online music blogs/sites/people about our new website where we are giving away 10 of our tracks for free. I figure lots of blogs and folks like to post about free tracks, so if you have a minute, check out the site (where you can hear the songs streaming b4 you download) and if you like them, perhaps you can spread the word or download them for yourself. Thanks for your time

    Joseph Blood

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